Autumn’s Here

There are few leaves to clear up yet but the mornings definitely have that chill and the Sedum ‘Herbstfreude’ is about to flower.

I apologise for my long absence, I’ve been off getting married. Despite the fact we had the smallest ‘do’ ever, it still seemed to swallow huge chunks of life. But I’m back now and about to spring into carving new borders out of the garden at the Towers.

Last week I went to a Head Gardener’s Day hosted by Ian le Gros at RHS Hyde Hall. It was a brilliant day. I was definitely the small fry alongside the Head Gardeners from Marks Hall, Helmingham Hall and Hever Castle among others. This left me absolutely buzzing with ideas which, for the first day at least, were completely out of scale with what can reasonably be achieved at the Towers. The buzz has subsided into some more workable plans for projects which will hopefully come into fruition over the next few years.

In my own garden we have been creating some raised beds using Harrod Horticultural’s Allotment Raised Beds which certainly make life easier. Neither MrK nor I are great DIYers. I for one firmly believe in PSE (Pay Someone Else) wherever possible and these beds make a reasonable compromise. The quality isn’t great, but for the price one can hardly quibble and they do look quite nice once finished. Pictures will follow once the site looks more like a garden and less like a dump, er, I mean, building site. We’ll be buying some of their net frames to prevent the cats destroying my rows of seedlings. I’m hoping to get at least one large bed completely finished in the next couple of weeks so I can get some hardy spring onions and cabbage in for a spring harvest.


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