Winter container time!

The summer containers weren’t doing too badly at the beginning of this week, despite cold, wedding guests and goats. The little chrysanths I’d popped in to replace the Buzy Lizzies were flowering their little socks off. The Fuchsias were still going strong, the geraniums were making an effort and the white Diascas were doing their bit.

So I ripped it all out to put the winter displays in.

It’s always hard to make that decision, because you do need to do it while it’s still looking pretty good, but ripping out plants which still look nice is painful. And although they might have done a week or two more, that would have put the change-over smack bang in the middle of my up and coming big plans (stay tuned for more!). So it had to be done, and done it was.

To mitigate the pain I potted up most of the plants for use next year and took a shed load (actually, a greenhouse load) of cuttings from them. Only the Diascas actually got thrown out.

Here are the new containers:

So outside the Long Gallery we have heathers in colours ranging dark pink pink through to white with Ajuga ‘Braun Hertz’ and white cyclamen surrounding the permanent planting of bay cones and box balls.

I have used lots of these little cyclamen in the past. They are generally sold for indoor use but I find they are pretty hardy in our fairly warm micro-climate at the towers. Having said that they got really sad last winter after sitting frozen under snow for several days and so I reduced the amount of them in the displays this year, just in case.

And outside East court in the stone trough:

Around the Myrtle bush the heather and cyclamen are used again but instead of the Ajuga I used this stunning Heuchera called ‘Midnight Bayou’ with purple leaves which have a beautiful blue sheen. I can’t help but stop and look at it every time I walk past this container.




3 responses to “Winter container time!

  1. Ooooo I want to hear about the big plans 😉

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