This autumn and through into next spring there will be various goings on in the garden at the tower. We’ll be making a new colourful shrub border, replacing an old yew hedge with some topiary, putting in a border in a soggy spot and developing a slightly messy edge along a wall into a pretty border. That’s three new borders and some serious shrubbery!

This week we got started on preparing the area for the colourful shrub border. Our lovely Work Experience girl and MsV and I got started by stripping the turf and hoiking out the various weeds while bigger bits were magicked away by means of a chainsaw. Then a mini tractor with rotovator attached were employed to turn over the soil.

It went from this:

To this:

Which, I have to admit, doesn’t look like a massive change now I find myself posting pictures of it!

It’s quite a challenging space. Dry near the large lime trees, although it gets plenty of light, and positively soggy in winter down the bottom end. I have given a lot of thought to the shrubs I’ve ordered, which should be arriving next Thursday. They are mostly pretty but virtually indestructible, such as purple leaved Elder, species roses and Viburnum opulus.

I love all this. Planting new things is my absolute favourite part of gardening. Well, alongside seeing seeds sprout, and a newly mown lawn and raking the autumn leaves and…and…


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