All snugly planted

Yesterday morning the boss and I hitched the trailer to the big car and trolled off to pick up all the lovely plants for the colourful shrub border. Typically we found we could just about cram them into the boot and didn’t really need the trailer. Oh well. Mind you, it would have been pretty awful to get there without it and find we needed it but didn’t have it!

On our return MsV and I set about planting the new arrivals. Unfortunately, as at this stage the shrubs pretty much look like twigs stuck in the ground so I couldn’t get a worthwhile picture of the whole border.

One of my favourites out of the shrubs we planted was Cotinus coggygria ‘Flame’:

There was also the deservedly ubiquitous Photinia ‘Red Robin’:

Some of the plants will be supplied bare-rooted, and as bare-root plants are only dug up once the weather has cooled and we’re having a warm spell, they weren’t ready so there are a few gaps in the border, mainly for roses.

Although I keep referring to this as a shrub border, it really lies somewhere between a shrub border and a hedge. A true shrub border would have the plants far enough apart that their individual identites would be apparent. I am aiming for a blended effect in which the plants weave through each other to an extent. Many of the shrubs I have chosen are capable of withstanding hard renovation pruning, in which the established plant is cut down to knee height or less. So maintenance of this hedge/border will consist of a certain amount of more judicious pruning than a hedge would normally see, along with the occasional severe haircut. This is something of an experiment and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will work!


3 responses to “All snugly planted

  1. Hey isn’t Photinia ‘Red Robin’ the one we thought might work well in my front garden….. How cool to see it on here and know some will also be planted at the Towers…..

    Can’t wait to see how this all grows….. and some pictures of it next year 😉

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