Removing the Yew Hedge

We are removing this hedge:

At the ‘OHMYGOD WHAT DID WE DO?’ stage:

And now we’ve rotovated in some muck and tidied up:

Apologies for the shockingly awful photo there but the weather today was vile and to be honest I peeked the camera out from under my hood, took the picture and scarpered to get the camera somewhere dry. No, I wasn’t trying to get somewhere dry myself, that would have been entirely pointless given how wet I was!

This Yew hedge was about thirty years old and at various times in its life hadn’t been maintained as well as it might. I’ve wanted to remove it since I arrived and recent plans for smaller yew topiary shapes have resulted in my wish coming true. Trimming this hedge always felt like trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. We had considered renovating the hedge, which consists of cutting it hard back one side one year, the other side the next, and doing the top in the third year which would have given us five years of ugly hedge and, judging by the sparseness of the innards of this hedge, wouldn’t have worked particularly well anyway.

Clearing it away has made the whole space feel wonderfully open and made us realise how dark and wall-like those hedges were. It even made us doubt the plans for topiary. I had momentary visions of low drifts of perennials, but the yews are on order for Monday and I’ll really enjoy the new challenge of topiary. I’ve never trained it before, just maintained it. I’ll go sharpen my shears, and read that book on topiary…


3 responses to “Removing the Yew Hedge

  1. What sort of shapes are you planning?

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