So what does a gardener do when her garden’s under many inches of snow?

First, she takes pictures…

As you can see, snow is a challenge that me and my little snappy digital camera were not really equal to. And these are the best of the pics. Oh well.

The last three days have been spent clearing snow from paths repeatedly. As there are weddings this weekend I spent almost all day on paths today and boy, am I going to ache tomorrow. I have also been knocking snow from our newly planted yews and clearing the greenhouse of the tomatoes and peppers. Huge piles of green tomatoes were the result and are, I believe, destined to become chutney. The shed is long overdue for a good tidying but that job was put off (yet again) this time because sheep needed herding. The obstinate beasts seemed not to believe our assertion that the barn is much warmer and hay-filled than a field covered in six inches or more of snow. Ungrateful things.

Tomorrow I will have a lie-in as I have a holiday day booked. After all that shovelling I think I deserve it!


One response to “Snow!

  1. I don’t envy you all that shoveling. I’ve huddled next to a radiator all day. Enjoy your day off tomorrow – sounds like you’ve earned it 🙂

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