Spring is on its way!

The snowdrops and Cyclamen Coum are starting to really do their stuff, the daffodil leaves are well and truly on the way and today was beautifully sunny. I expect it’ll be snow by next Wednesday.

The rose pruning is well underway at the towers and I spent much of last week wielding the secateurs. I really enjoy pruning the roses and tend to spread the job out over the end of January and into February. Doing it all at once would be like eating all the beef and roast potatoes first and being left with a plate full of sprouts (or weeding and edging in this case).

Good News! We are having a Garden Day on Sunday, May 15th and Ian le Gros, Curator of RHS Hyde Hall, has agreed to come and give us a talk. I’ll also be waffling away about plant choice in the garden (memo to self – find a snappier title) and giving garden tours. There’ll also be exhibitors and stalls and our gamekeeper/farmer chap will be giving one of his wildlife walks. I’m really looking forward to it, although with several thousand people descending on the place a few days previously for Antiques Roadshow, I will be on a short timetable to get everything back in order. Mind you, I don’t suppose Antiques Roadshow goers are mad hooligans… probably.






3 responses to “Spring is on its way!

  1. OOooooo put me down for the garden day 🙂

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