Letting the Sun in

Today was gloriously sunny and I had a lovely day basking in the sun as I worked. It’s a hard life.

The Iris ‘Joyce’ are flowering, dashes of glowing party-all-night purple amongst the borders which are still dozing gently.

Last week we had to take down some old and sickly trees in the garden, including the old Loquat tree which was mostly dead and leaning at a very precarious angle. We suspect the botanist Rosebud Campbell, who gardened at the towers in the early twentieth century may have planted it, which would make it a good eighty years old despite being a somewhat tender tree. Fortunately my predecessor recognised that its demise was imminent and planted a young Loquat nearby.

While the chainsaw was revved up we also cleared out an area behind the Cedar tree:

Unfortunately I don’t have a ‘before’ picture but it was dark and dusty and crammed in with sickly Privet and Elder amongst other things. Opening it up has let the sun in and I’ll be creating a path through this cool and woody patch to a shade garden beyond.


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