This is my favourite daff:

It’s ‘February Gold’ and while it is pretty early and the very first of the blooms do come out right at the very end of February, calling it ‘February Gold’ is a bit of a stretch, but I suppose ‘Early March Gold’ doesn’t have the same ring. It has that classic daffodil look with its cheerful yellow trumpet but it’s a bit smaller than your standard daff, and with faintly swept back petals is just a little more elegant too. Being a smidge smaller (sometimes appearing in the ‘miniature’ section of bulb catalogues) with finer leaves it tends to meld into the border more easily than standard size daffs after it’s over, yet it’s still big enough to have the sunny presence a good daff needs.

I have another favourite Narcissus which won’t be out for a little while yet, and I’ll introduce her to you soon. She’s at the delicate, elegant end of the Narcissus spectrum and definitely can’t be classed as a ‘daff’!


3 responses to “Daffodowndillies

  1. I saw my first daffs of the year out in Colchester on Sunday but not as elegant as this one. Ohhh if only I had more planting room 😦

  2. You can always squeeze daffs into the gaps which later in the year are filled with growth from the perennials… 😉

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