Pretty spring flowers and a whiff of panic

I must have been asleep in previous Springs because I only just noticed that some of the primroses in the private gardens are white:

In the tower borders are Anemone blanda ‘Atrocearulea’:

They pop up in spring and self seed themselves cheerfully around. The seedling leaves have red undersides so are easy to distinguish from similar looking weed seedlings. The plants completely disappear a bit later in the year so are perfect for border edges and gaps between perennials as by the time the perennials have really filled the space out, the anemones have gone for their summer nap. They’re such a perfect blue, promises of summer skies to come, and they look perfect with yellow narcissus.

The whiff of panic is the one to be detected every year at this time. The weeds grow so fast, the lawns rev up with a vengeance, I still haven’t made the new flower border, we open in a week, then there’s Antiques Roadshow to prep for and my Garden Day… but before I know it it will be June and everything will be slowing down just a little. And I’m sure there will be some things that haven’t been done, but the world won’t end. Or will it? Panic stations…!


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