New Regular Blog Feature

I’m going to start a new regular blog feature which will be something of a round up of the month called ‘The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful’.

First I’ll post something good; something this month that’s worked the way I want it to, is growing well or looking as I’d hoped … you get the picture.

Then I’ll post something bad from the month. Why would I want to do that? Well, gardens are a process, things go wrong, the weather throws a spanner in the works, a plant dies, weeds sprout, pests swarm and sometimes mistakes even happen. Yes, I know, mistakes. Shocking isn’t it? I read a lot of blogs on all sorts of subjects and one thing that turns me off a blog quicker than yellow text on a pink background (ok maybe not that quick) is the ‘my life is perfect’ blog. So since it’s easy to get stuck in only posting good stuff, I’m instituting the regular slot for the bad stuff to prevent the blog from getting that smug air of pretended perfection which looks particularly ridiculous when it’s in a garden. Also I will be able to say how I plan to overcome the problem and maybe report back later which makes the whole thing more optimistic.

Then after the dose of gloom I’ll throw in something beautiful from the month.

Finally I’ll tag the posts ‘GB+B’ so if you particularly like them they’ll be easy to find.


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