The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – April 2011

The Good

My Dahlias survived that winter!

They live in the south facing border which runs the length of the Long Gallery and got a good thick mulch of compost in the late autumn. It is a very mild and sheltered spot, so if they’re going to make it through a hard winter anywhere, it will be there but still, after that winter I had my doubts.

The Bad

The drought.

I looked in my diary a few days back and we’ve had no significant rain since a wet week in late February. So we’re sprinkling alot and MsV and I are getting massive muscles from lugging watering cans. Fortunately the water for the garden is well water, not mains and at least the temperature has returned to more seasonal levels than the July-like feel of a week ago. We prefer to take a low-water approach but with some high traffic events incoming, the lawns need to be nice and strong to stand up to the battering they’ll get.

The Beautiful

Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’

Flowering a little early thanks to the weather, but beautiful none the less!


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