Quick update and a picture

Well, Antiques Roadshow have been and gone. We had three thousand people through and the lawns look like they’ve stood up to the challenge admirably. They look a little tired when you look closely, but they’ll spring back quickly, much like the staff! I’ve been watering them, and they got a spring weed&feed as usual. I’ve also been using a high cut on the mower which has helped give them a bit of resilience and I intend to give them another feed (but no weed) in the next couple of weeks to help with the recovery.

Tomorrow is Garden Day. Hurrah! We have tours with me and a nature walk/talk with our farm manager, Ian le Gros is taking a break from being curator at Hyde Hall to come and give us a talk and we have plant sales in the courtyard and horticultural art, garden designers and more in the Long Gallery. It should be a great day even if the heavens open! Do come along; the irises are out and looking beautiful:


2 responses to “Quick update and a picture

  1. I went – I saw – I took loads of piccys 🙂

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