Our veg plot produces

Our tiny little veg patch is producing its first harvests.

The peas very rarely make it into our kitchen. And when I say ‘rarely’ I mean ‘never’. I usually stand in the garden and scoff them and if MrK gets a few he’s lucky. There’s nothing like the fresh green sweetness of peas straight from the pod. Yum.

Green salad has been good too although the leaves of the red mustard you can see in this pic are quite peppery. I think I’ll use them more like a herb than a salad leaf in future. It’s a pleasant taste but a bit much if you get a whole mouthful.

We’ve got more fun on the way with courgettes, broad and runner beans, onions, garlic and fennel among others. I’ve thoughtfully provided a pub for the snails in the hope that this year I’ll finally grow some runner beans.

It’s all coming along reasonably well. I need to weed more often and feel that I might be able to squeeze more from the space if only I was a bit cleverer but all in all it’s coming along well and providing some home-grown veg with much less work than the previous set up.


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