Enter stage left

The Digitalis ferruginea are just starting to open. They are funny looking characters viewed up close with their lips curled tightly under like they are desperately trying not to cry. Then the open flower is a bloody maw, upturned and crimson streaked egg-yolk yellow. And all such a demure peach colour on the outside.








These dramas are played out on a tiny stage however and don’t steal the show at all; they are such an insignificant sideshow that one might easily miss them peering out at the world from their green towers.



13 responses to “Enter stage left

  1. That is a fascinating photo!!! Digitalis is one of my favorite flowers…they deserve the entire stage.

  2. I think they’re wonderful. In fact, I want some now!

  3. One of my fave flowers…Foxgloves

  4. Very nice blog! My d. ferruginea has already flourished, it’s rather small tough, I hope it will self seed quickly…

  5. Hello, just found your blog via blotanical. Love the images and your posts, looking forward to reading more.


  6. Thanks for your kind comments everyone!

  7. Enjoying your “dribblings” 😉

    Gorgeous digitalis, I miss growing them here in California,

    and your veg bounty looks scrumptious!

    btw, Another visitor via Blotanical… will follow your posts there most often.
    And I’ll check in on twitter, too,
    aka Bay Area Tendrils / Alice’s Garden Travel Buzz

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