The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – June 2011

This month The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful comes from my veg plot.

The Good

Courgettes of unknown variety from a village plant sale.

Beetroot harvested small and grown virtually unthinned.

Broad Beans – the Sutton. As a kid I hated these but thanks to Nigel Slater I learnt the individual juicy beans can be popped out of those leathery little jackets.

Ruby Chard. A perennial favourite in my cooking. I use its leaves like spinach and the stems chopped into dishes.

I’ve also been harvesting peas as well as lettuce and other salad leaves. Hurrah for my delicately proportioned veg plot!

The Bad

Slugs and snails. It appears that, yet again, my runner beans are not going to be successful.

This leaf is from the only bean plant that still has the luxury of leaves. The other plants are stems stuck in the ground, and even those stems have been scoured by snail teeth until no goodness remains. I need to get my act together on the snail front, and it is mostly snails unfortunately or I’d have used one of the slug devouring nematodes.

The Beautiful

Some of the veg is beautiful in itself but my veg plot is also home to some flowers:

Chamomile is a favourite herb of mine. I dry it and use it in summery bath salts. It works surprisingly well as an incense too (maybe with some benzoin and lavender flowers and rose petals to make my favourite summer incense).

And no veg plot of mine would be complete without pot marigold!


15 responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – June 2011

  1. Ugh, I empathize about the snails! Have you tried diatomaceous earth? Use the food grade or agricultural grade stuff, not the stuff for swimming pools. It’s a non-toxic and effective fix for slugs AND snails. Enjoy those beans!

  2. Try making a broad bean humous: boil, pop them out of their skins, mash them in the liquidiser with garlic, lemon juice, pepper; chill & spread on toast. Delicious!

  3. Your veggies look tasty… I am sorry about slugs and snails, they are a bane of every garden here, and snail bait is the best selling item at garden stores :). I love camomile too (and white chrysanthemums, and feverfew…)

    • There’s a bunch of feverfew in my herb garden. I have the golden leaved variety, usually I don’t like yellow leaved plants but that’s an exception. I love the way it cheerfully seeds around like patches of sunshine!

  4. Thanks for the tour through the veggie garden. Sorry about the beans…I have a bit of rust on my beans…treating with sulphur.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  6. I’ve been growing heritage broad beans this year. Loved the beautiful pink flowers, hope the beans taste good. Your crops look really good. A bit of sunshine makes all the difference…

  7. If only our veg were as beautiful. Almost too late to plant anything now, except leeks, perhaps.

    • I’m sure it can be! (Plus I don’t photograph the less beautiful bits…) If you buy module plants you could do many of the brassicas, chard and fennel should both harvest too.

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