The Garden Basking in the Sunshine

It was a beautiful day today; warm and sunny but not muggy or too hot. I donned my shorts and tackled the mowing but before I got down to the real work I took a few moments to grab a few pictures in the sunshine.

The Tower seen from the relatively new East Court Border which is a deliberately romantic spot with white standard roses and pink hardy geraniums frothing over box hedging.

The Tower and the border directly in front of it. It’s not particularly apparent in this photo but this border has a cool colour theme of blues and purples and pinks. Interrupted by the occasional bright red poppy. Someone apparently had a slight moment of seed scattering madness last autumn. Me? No. It must have been the garden gnomes.

The view down the ramp into the lower garden with the Long Gallery on the left.

The Long Gallery and an unknown rose. Many of the roses in the garden were planted 25-30 years ago and any labels are long gone. This one has the most gorgeous scent. I like bunches of it with the rich blue Hidcote lavender, and maybe some parsley flowers or similar for a slightly crazy colourful flower arrangement.

I hope you enjoyed the micro-tour!


10 responses to “The Garden Basking in the Sunshine

  1. Yes! You must get a lot of job satisfaction working a place like that. The Tower is magnificent and the grounds look lovely.

  2. Thanks for the lovely tour! I almost got a whiff of those beautiful roses!

  3. Very good tour indeed. Lovely pics.

  4. I too enjoyed the tour in the sunshine.

  5. Thank you for the tour. I enjoy looking at plants with some architectural elements in the background, and your pictures were just perfect.

  6. Thanks for all your kind comments everyone. I think the tower is the perfect backdrop to the garden. Of course everyone else thinks the garden is the backdrop to the tower, but what do they know?

  7. Gosh, and I have trouble keeping a metre of strawberry bed weed free!

  8. Very nice tour…lovely photos! The tower adds so much to the garden and vice versa.

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