Hampton Court Highlights

Today I’ve gathered together some of my highlights from  Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011. Tomorrow there’ll be a longer descriptive post after I’ve had more of a shuffle through my photos and there’ll be some further musings about the whole thing on Friday.

My favourite show garden was Chris Beardshaw’s garden The Stockman’s Retreat. As a nature lover and rural girl I’m a sucker for a garden that successfully captures the feel of a rural landscape.

The Rose Marquee was wonderful. The David Austen and Peter Beales stands are always highlights of the flower shows for me. Pictured is ‘Summer Song’ from the David Austen stand.

The ‘Grow Your Own’ Marquee and RHS Edible Garden were top of my ‘must see’ list and I wasn’t disappointed. The Garlic Farm came up trumps with this wonderful display.

The Burgon&Ball 5-A-Day garden (Designed by Heather Culpan and Nicola Reed) was one of my favourite small gardens. I love the dining table/trough planter. What an excellent idea!

More pictures and ramblings to follow tomorrow!


4 responses to “Hampton Court Highlights

  1. That dining table/planter is indeed an excellent idea to have in a garden! Love the roses and the garden farm display too!

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