In my Garden Today

As well as being the most enchanting blue the hyssop is really popular with our friends the bees:

The bergamot is glowing pink in the new herb bed. Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid the label and don’t know what variety this is so I shall make up my own name… Monarda ‘Fairy Lights’.

The Gala apples on my little tree are looking worthy of a sleeping beauty:

And in amongst the weeds in the borders the stars of the Allium christophii seedheads are positively supernova:


10 responses to “In my Garden Today

  1. You are right about the allium…it does have that magical supernova quality…very lovely! Your plants and garden is beautiful!

  2. I love the name Fairy Lights. I once bought paint for the bathroom because it was called Fairy Dust. Not exactly a rationale decision, but I can always use a little magic in my life. Hyssop is one of my three fave plants.

    • I just thought they looked like pretty glowing lanterns in that pic so fairy lights seemed appropriate! It seems perfectly rational to pick something because you like a feature of it, even a less obviously important feature like the name. After all I assume the colour was nice too, not something you hated!

  3. Beautiful! I like that shot of allium, and your name for the monarda.

  4. I like the bergamot a lot and it comes in so many shades from pink to purple. But ours always seems to get mildew!

  5. Monarda is lovely, have’nt seen that pink one before. Love the seed heads of the Allium. All is looking good.

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