Vikings Descend on Layer Marney Tower!

There may be some pillaging and general marauding. The tower may or may not get burnt down and looted. So I’m worrying about the lawns, naturally.

This weekend sees the Tower hosting potentially our largest event ever with several thousand people per day tromping over my lawns. The event in question is the Valhalla Festival of Muscle and Power. Which looks like fun, although perhaps not the sort of thing you’d expect to find happening at Layer Marney Tower.  I was tempted to go along and see the strongmen and vikings for the fun of it, but I’m not sure I could bear to see that many feet scuffing up my turf, which is admittedly not the best turf ever anyway.

I shall sit and contemplate the seedheads of this beautiful Clematis tangutica from my own garden, sip some wine and try not to think about it.


15 responses to “Vikings Descend on Layer Marney Tower!

  1. I would go see the Vikings! Sounds a bit like a strange kind of fun.

  2. I’m sure your lawns will recover… But next time, with all that ‘muscle’ available, why not organise some useful activity which would allow the Vikings to show their prowess, e.g. moving the compost heap from one place to another using only buckets….racing wheelbarrows loaded with stones…. dragging branches….digging holes…. all kinds of things that hairy Vikings might enjoy!

  3. I agree with the part: ”get drunk and forget it”. It is always a wise advice.

  4. As a used-to-live-in-Essex person (White Notley) I’m delighted to come across your blog. (Through Blotanical)


  5. Warmer than you AGAIN – and by a full four degrees

    • Hey is this some kind of North-South heat related one upmanship here? 😛 It is indeed pretty chilly down here, feels more like September than July to be honest but given I hate the heat I’m fairly happy. That’s not a popular view though!

  6. patientgardener

    Idiot that I am I was temporarily confused and thought you lived in northern Scotland to have vikings invading but that shows how appalling my history is.

    I think I would stay put in the garden and avoid the pillaging, you will only get upset and some of those re-enactment people can take themselves far too seriously!

    • It’s a period of history I’m particularly interested in, so the re-enactment people would be far more interesting to me than the strongmen! I didn’t go yesterday and today I’m off to a knitting/wool event so no gardening OR vikings. 😀

  7. I hope the lawn holds up and you had a good time. I love the clematis seed heads…almost as beautiful as the flowers themselves.

  8. Whatever will be will be!

  9. It was all fine of course. A few bits of litter here and there and some flattened grass and that was about it. Very polite for Vikings I thought.

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