A Gift for You

I have a gift for you. Yes you, my lovely readers.

I’m afraid I can’t send it to you, so you’ll have to enjoy it here.

Recently I’ve had a blossoming of readership thanks in large part to the very wonderful Blotanical. I just wanted to thank all my new and old readers for coming by, reading, commenting and generally being friendly and sociable.

Thank You!

I hope you’ll all continue to come by and read my ramblings and see how things are progressing in my gardens.

Soon I will be updating with a shiny new blogroll which will feature the blogs of several of my readers. I also intend to give the blog itself a polish and gather some of my past posts together to make them easier to peruse. So, dear Reader, can you think of anything I really ought to change around here?


10 responses to “A Gift for You

  1. Looking forward to the new look. But it is fine as is. A pleasure to read!

  2. Your blog is great and a joy to read.

  3. Lovely bouquet! Love your blog as is but I’m sure changes will be great too.

  4. many thanks for the flowers but your blog is a gift to your readers. Whatever you do, don’t change your writing style.

  5. *blush*

    Aww thanks everyone.

  6. Haven’t known your blog long enough to be able to make suggestions but know from experience it is fun to have a re-vamp from time to time.

  7. I see you have a tab for a page, but when I come to a new to me garden blog, what I want to see – after I have read your current post – is who/where are you? I would love that on the homepage at the top of the sidebar. As your blogroll grows you’ll see how you appreciate seeing at a glance – she’s in Alaska, he’s in the Philippines …

    Otherwise I love your blog.

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