The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – July 2011

The Good

The lawns are looking better than ever:

How much is due to the changes I’ve made in maintenance this year, and how much is due to the damp weather in June, I don’t know. But I’m taking the credit anyway…

The Bad

Hedgetrimming. Not quite my least favourite garden task, but nearly.

Actually, I quite enjoy trimming a smallish hedge. That trip from scruffy to neat can be very satisfying. But after hours, nay, days of aching arms, knotted shoulder muscles, two-stroke exhaust fumes and dealing with hard to access hedges I’m about done.

The Beautiful

Verbena bonariensis

Wonderful stuff. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the purple to come out properly in the photo which doesn’t really do it justice.


11 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – July 2011

  1. I just love Verbena bonariensis. The frost killed it last Winter but I have got more plants.

  2. I don’t envy you the hedge trimming. The verbena is beautiful…so colorful!

  3. I really like the way it seeds itself about the place.

  4. What do you do with your hedge trimmings? I’ve never found an answer – They are too woody to compost quickly and too leafy to burn easily.

    • Burn them I’m afraid, although I’m intending to look into donating the yew (it’s used in making Tamoxifen I think – a cancer drug anyway). Given it’s carbon that’s only been locked away for a year or two I don’t feel too bad about burning it. Box trimmings get put in our compost/muck heap as they tend to be soft enough to compost.

  5. patientgardener

    I thought you might show us a picture of one of your hedges?
    I hate lawn care – mine is a disgrace

    • Ha ha I didn’t think of hedges as particularly picture worthy… Many of mine are in need of a really good hacking as they’ve got a bit out of shape over the years. Every year I coax them in the right direction, but it’s not really enough.

  6. Seems that the viking festival didn’t damage your lawns after all.

  7. Lovely verbena. I have just got the first few flowers opening on mine… another few weeks and they will be like yours.

  8. I love trimming hedges, too!

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