Dear Everyone…

This week has been utterly knackering so far. There have been heat and humidity and dragging about of large lumps of hedge, there have been hedgetrimmers, sweat, multiple scratches and cuts from thorns and it will be another day or two until I get up the energy to do a proper post I’m afraid. I’m also neglecting reading other blogs and Blotanical for which I can only apologise to my fellow bloggers and Blotanists.

I have about enough brains for playing simple computer games or maybe reading Winnie-the-Pooh to myself. All else will have to wait. I have a day off on Friday (our first wedding anniversary – yeah!) and so should be back on the plot by the weekend.


5 responses to “Dear Everyone…

  1. Fear not, the storm is about to break and refreshen all the parts beers cannot reach. Happy 1st wedding anniversary

  2. You poor dear. Go and put your feet up and have a cold drink! Hope you had the energy to enjoy your wedding anniversary!

  3. Sometimes real life takes precedence over blogging. Its summer….us gardeners know how busy it is… I have been rather lax myself lately. As Janet said, relax, have a drink and enjoy your wedding anniversary.

  4. Enjoy your wedding anniversary! Blogging, blogs and blotanical will all still be there when you get back to us 🙂

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