A Place Full of Plants

Yesterday MrK and I took a trip out to East Bergholt Place Gardens. The nursery there, A Place for Plants, is my favourite place to go and buy plants in the area and while I visit the nursery quite often for plants, it’s a good while since I had a look round the garden. It was a peaceful and regenerating treat, better than any spa day.

This path beneath the hazel trees (Corylus maxima ‘Purpurea’) takes you down through the cool green of the arboretum to several naturalistic ponds.

On the way down we passed this Acer japonicum ‘Vitifolium’. Acer japonicum varieties always seem to have elegant branches and their shade is such a gentle dappled green.

After winding your way through the arboretum, round the pools and back up through the trees again you come upon some lovely damp gardens.

The rill above develops into this colourful sunken stream:

And lastly:

A calm moment of formality creates a pause before you emerge into the nursery.

The gardens consist of several beautiful naturalistic landscapes and I wonder if the formal gardens near to the house are closed off these days (I’m sure they were open on my last visit several years ago but I may be mistaken) because to emerge into ‘gardens’ having been wandering several beautiful landscapes could be jarring. The formal pause at the end is perfect though, it forms a full stop, a moment to breathe before re-emerging into real life again.


8 responses to “A Place Full of Plants

  1. Beautiful garden, love the mature trees. I bet the nursery was fab!

  2. Never resist to temptations!!! 🙂

    That sunken stream is wonderful, really.

  3. Thanks for the virtual tour–very beautiful.

  4. I usually can’t resist temptation and buy before I have time to plant. Your photos are a refreshing respite from the dry summer heat in New Mexico!

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