All Stitched Up

We’ve been invaded by Colchester Embroiderer’s Guild down at the Tower. They’re not nearly as scary as Vikings I have to say. There’s stunning work in the exhibition they’ve put on, some of which is inspired by Layer Marney Tower and, most exciting for me, its garden.

There was an embroidered version of the Knot Garden by Lesley Sams:

And a vibrant corset by Michele English also inspired by the knot garden and tudor clothes:

The Anglo-Saxon period of history is a particular interest of mine so I was thrilled to see an embroidered version of a buckle found at Sutton Hoo by Sue March:

There were also some really lovely landscapes rendered in embroidery. I’m afraid I have to ‘out’ myself as an embroidery ignoramus and say I had no idea it could be so beautiful and so like a painting. This is Yorkshire Winter by Val Latham:

And this is Misty Morning by Jean Elton:

I’m sorry to say the exhibition finished today – I tried to get this post up early enough that any of my readers in the vicinity could pop in for a look, but thanks to general uselessness on my part it just didn’t happen.

Do any of you use gardens and landscapes as inspiration for art and craft? I knit and sew a bit and the colours and textures definitely come into my crafts.


11 responses to “All Stitched Up

  1. Ooooo Nooooo’s that means I can’t go and have a look for myself 😦

  2. Lovely pieces…very intricate. I knit and crochet, and I think the colors of the garden inspire me at times.

    • I remember cutting some new growth from a rose and the lovely purple-pink sheen of the new growth and the dark green of the older leaves inspired me. I have to admit the fabric I bought on the crest of the inspiration is still sitting in my stash though…

  3. I love that Sutton Hoo belt buckle. When we visited the UK in June, the first thing we headed for in the British Museum was the Sutton Hoo exhibit. The Anglo Saxon period is fascinating, isn’t it?

  4. patientgardener

    I love the buckle and the grey picture. I have done lots of embrodiery over the years but always from kits – not very original. It is more diverse than many realise

  5. Thanks for the write up Libby. We loved doing the exhibition at Layer Marney and hopefully we will be back!

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