Portrait of a Gardener in the Rain

The gardener is engrossed, cutting, pulling, tending, bending down in the border, a twinge of back pain, pondering plants for gaps, what to cook for dinner later, what to do in the garden tomorrow. A few spits and splodges of rain hit the curved back and the gardener hardly notices, a few more drops later and the gardener thinks it is lucky the weeding was chosen over the mowing as the task for the afternoon. Once the gardener is slightly damp she looks up and considers fetching waterproof clothing and continuing but considers the shower will almost certainly pass and a few minutes later she is damp enough that the waterproofs would be pointless. It’s only a bit of rain anyway. Soon the rain is dribbling through her hair along her scalp, down her forehead and off her nose. She swipes away drops and looks around, straightening from her task, smiling.




8 responses to “Portrait of a Gardener in the Rain

  1. patientgardener

    How true and a wonderful description of being completely engrossed in a passion

  2. I love gardening in the rain, ’tis true you do hardly notice it. Ronnie

  3. You’re lucky. In Scotland, the midges come out with the rain, and even if you can ignore the wet, you can’t ignore the clouds of tiny attackers. So I don’t weed when it rains, and since it rains a lot, my garden is full of weeds…

  4. Hope the gardener didnt fall sick afterwards….but oh so refreshing to play in the rain!

  5. This gardener always seems to be coming down with something – the cost of being married to a teacher I think. Getting drenched is far less dangerous than all the school-germs!

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