The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – August 2011

My monthly round up comes a few days early as we’re going on holiday in a couple of days and I’m not certain there will be net access to reply to comments.

The Good

MrK and I finished the bark paths round the veggie patch. Hurrah! There’s still plenty to do and I’m planning on doing a post soon on my home garden, what I’ve done to it, where it’s going and the godawful mess it’s in at the moment.

The Bad

My cucumbers have powdery mildew. Sob! And they’ve got it badly, though it looks like I’ll still have got a reasonable harvest by the end of the season.

The Beautiful

Autumn’s coming…


6 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – August 2011

  1. Lovely thoughts…have a wonderful holiday!!

  2. It is such a satisfaction when you finally come to see the works you’ve planned done. Even the simple ones like a path. Good job! I think autumn is coming a little early this year, I hope this will just make it last longer because it is my favorite season. Have a nice holiday!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your home garden post. Enjoy your break! Kayaking! Brave person!

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