Rebel Rudbeckias

I was intending to update you all on some problems I’ve been having but got distracted:

This Rudbeckia has a mohawk. How cool is that? I know I should be able to remember the proper name for this phenomenon but I think I’m going to stick with Plant Mohawks. Maybe at night all the rebel mohawked Rudbeckias get together and cause trouble in the garden, putting a little anarchy in the borders, maybe the holes I find in leaves and petals are for the peircings they put in at night.

Rawk on Rudbeckias!


9 responses to “Rebel Rudbeckias

  1. Such a cute thought. It would be a great capture to catch them up to no good.

  2. I love that! How cute! It is so good that you noticed and captured it in a photo!

  3. Ho ho!

    (And what a lovely colour, too)

  4. I love the idea of punk plants coming alive at night – fab

  5. I bet Monarda are punks too. Got to be with that hairstyle.

  6. Ha, ha! So cute!
    Well, at least it might be able to take on any garden weed thugs trying to take over its territory!

  7. I bet you couldn’t grow another one if you tried

  8. Do you put gel on the tufty bit?

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