Pond Dippings

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. For some reason I’m not feeling like internetting, blogging and such. I’m perfectly happy, just… not feeling it right now! I guess like any hobby there are weeks you just feel like doing something else.

I took some pics for you all earlier in the week but it was windy and most of them didn’t come out. This one did:

Although the wind whipping through the willow over perfectly still water is a little odd. I looked at it for a few minutes going ‘there’s something wierd here’ before I figured out that’s what it is.

This is our naturalistic-ish pond. We dig out the ash seedlings that pop up in here and strim some of the areas around it occasionally and the pondweed gets thinned out roughly every other year but apart from that it doesn’t get fiddled with much. But it has roses and a laburnum and a Gunnera (not a particularly happy one if I’m honest!) within its bounds so it’s not a strictly natural or native pond. But it’s mostly pretty and the ducks like it. We get kingfishers some years too. I thought they needed running water but perhaps the sheer quantity of naturalised goldfish make up for its stillness! The heron comes in too with its big broad wingspan lazily taking off when we come close. How can such a big bird seem so nonchalent about heaving itself into the air?



8 responses to “Pond Dippings

  1. The picture is gorgeous. Sometimes we do need a bit of respite from all the hustle and bustle of the internet and blogging. It is good to get away and unplug from it all…

  2. It’s all looking very serene – don’t you just love water in a garden.

  3. I hope you are able to be out enjoying some beautiful weather and dirt during your quiet. That is my plan for the next hour. 🙂

  4. Amazing pond! I wish I was a duck sometimes… 🙂

  5. It is such a peaceful setting. I am often fascinated by the heron as well. They are very interesting creatures.

  6. Hi Libby, just found your blog via K’s Gardening at the Edge. I have ponds where I work too (and am terribly behind with strimming the banks). Ash seedlings aren’t such a problem but willow and alder are. Kingfishers visit me as well, so no, they don’t seem to need running water. Loads of herons this year. But scaredy cat herons – they only need to catch a slight glimpse of me and they’re gone. There. I just thought I’d share some pondish thoughts!


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