The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – October 2011

The Good

The colourful hedge is still rather young but is really showing its potential now the leaves are changing colour. Soon it will hide that horrible wall!

Hedge for autumn colour

The Bad

We are having a really dry autumn. This last week we’ve had a couple of showers, but not enough to make up for an extremely dry Spring and a Summer which managed to be a bit dull and dissapointing but still not wet enough followed by a pretty dry September and October. I have 150kg of bulbs to plant and the ground they’re supposed to go in is like concrete at the moment. Oh dear…

The Beautiful

Berberis autumn colour and berries

Berberis in full colour and berrylicious. I suspect this variety may be ‘Rose Glow’ as it has a few white splashed leaves which I’m not a great fan of (splashy variegation – yuck! I’m a complete snob when it comes to variegation) but it looks lovely right now.


8 responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – October 2011

  1. Lovely foliage and berries. The worst is to try and plant bulbs in soil that is like cement. Thank goodness mine is wet…actually too wet perhaps…

  2. I’m with you on variegation. Horrid. We’ve had enough rain to losen our soil and I still haven’t planted the bulbs 😦 Wonderful to be growing a new hedge, so much better than anything but a beautiful brick wall preferable facing south and planted with fruit.

  3. Well if I was to do a good, bad and beautiful of my garden this month I’d be spending all my time talking about things I’ve not done. Have to say tho I rather like that wall. It’ll be interesting to see what the hedge looks like this time next year. 😛

  4. Your hedge will look so nice when it’s all grown in!
    We just had some rain yesterday – I’d better start planting bulbs while the getting is good!

  5. Your hedge is lovely! Isn’t it funny how there is almost always some good, some bad, and some beautiful! You described that so well.

  6. Looks like an enjoyable October.

    I have 700 bulbs of my own to get in. Here it is between the freezing rain. Ugh! But I got a good start today, anyway.

    Good luck with your dry soil… maybe wet it down in spots with a hose the night before?

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