Confession time – I don’t like Nerines

Sorry but I don’t. I think it’s because they just seem out of time. At the point the leaves are turning and we’re slipping on wooly jumpers and thinking about casseroles and soups they’re out there jangling their spangly bikinis.

Pink Nerine

If they flowered in July I’d be there waving a little flag that said ‘Yay! Nerines!’ but I just can’t get over the wrongness. Also I’m not a fan of Barbie pink generally. The garden is about the only place I can stand it but Barbie pink + frilliness + being the wrong time of year just finishes them off for me I’m afraid.

Is there a plant you hate that everyone else seems to love?


13 responses to “Confession time – I don’t like Nerines

  1. I know what you mean about Nerines, although I do like the delicacy of the flowers.
    My pet hate is Tradescantias – garden ones, not the houseplants. Their leaves always look a mess, sticking out at odd angles…

  2. Brilliant! I’ve been feeling I should learn to love nerines because they flower when so little else does, but really, this is not the time of year for pink, and what’s wrong with some time with no flowers anyway?!

  3. feel exactly the same way – they are attention-seeking latecomers to our season and really should be somewhere lighter and brighter to tone down their hue. Will now always see them in ‘spangly bikini’

  4. Have to say I like the Nerine. So courageous coming into flower when most other things are retreating back into the earth. Hate Pampas Grass though!

  5. “Attention-seeking latecomers.” LOL. I was pretty ambivalent about them and remain so. Who knew they were so disliked? My neighbour’s front garden has several big clumps of ‘spangly bikini’ (you must trademark that name) and I thought they were really quite jolly, despite not being a big fan of bubblegum pink. Ho hum.

  6. I’m surprised to find people agreeing with me! 🙂 I guess rather like attractive people in spangly bikinis there are times and places and the garden in Oct/Nov just isn’t it!

  7. I’m glad you said about not liking the nerines. There is a paler pink one which is much more acceptable to me (post about it at Aberdeen Gardening). There was a garden where we used to live which just had grass and nothing else until this time of year when all these gaudy pink flowers would hang over the wall from their raised bed. It was at a busy road junction and you couldn’t miss them. They were just so unbearably pink…

  8. Mahonia….enough said

    • Ooh yes I hate Mahonia too. The flowers smell of cat wee and it’s meanly prickly as well as ugly. To be fair I think this is probably at least in part that it was the planting of choice round my school so a favourite tactic of the nasty kids was to shove people in bushes of it. Lovely.

  9. Really I’ve never been so lucky with nerines even though I always loved them. At the end of the day there isn’t only Barbie pink. I must admit that with this post I started hating nerines a little bit though 🙂
    By the way the plant I detest above all is nandina.

  10. Nandina? I just can’t stand it. Starting with that stubborn name.

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