Pimp my Pampas

Like many people I’m not a big fan of the large lumps of Pampas Grass sprouting from lawns that afflict many gardens, including the car park at Layer Marney Tower. I have plans for three of the beastly five which will involve large soil moving machinery.

When I first arrived the poor things were looking pretty bloody sad even by Pampas Grass standards. I took trailer load after trailer load of dead and rotting detritus out of them in my first Spring and every year since I have pulled out the dead leaves and flower stalk stumps and given them a tidy up in Spring. I cut out the fallen stalks as they succumb throughout the winter, to keep them tidy. And they have been rewarding me for this TLC by flowering like stink:

Pampas grass

I rather like the way these two monsters frame the entrance ramp and so they will probably survive the massacre (whenever it happens – I’m putting my money on 2015).


7 responses to “Pimp my Pampas

  1. In the right place they can look stunning – unfortunately they are a victim of gardening fashion – plants that everyone seemed to have in the 80’s. It’s funny how plants come in and out of fashion isn’t it. Every garden in our street had a completely misplaced Willow tree at one time. Hey ho! I must say though that those two in the picture look splendid.

  2. They can be rather magnificent beasts in the right place, but the fashion seems to have been for them isolated in lawn like lonely blobs. Some of the poor things get burnt annually.

  3. Hmm, I’m not sure Libby. I might just prefer nerines! You have though made the pampas grasses look as good as they possibly can.

  4. Well, you have done a wonderful job of making them look their best. Still not convinced though, there is something so stiff about them. Earthmoving equipment sounds like the way to go…

  5. I love their feathery plumes waving in the wind. But they do seem to be a bit hard to incorporate into the landscape. You’ve done a good job on these, though. Doesn’t it feel good to have a plant respond to our working on them?

  6. I love grasses even the much maligned ones. Yours look great! They do look quite daunting framing the doorway!

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