A Quick Note…

I’m making myself a shiny new WordPress blog for my poetry and stuff. This means my Gravatar and WordPress identity has changed to reflect the fact I’ll have the two blogs. So I’m posting here as Libby and when I comment on other blogs I’ll show up as Libby rather than Sproutling.  Once the Libby Scribbles blog is up and running with its first proper post I’ll let you all know just in case you’re interested. It seems a bit odd I can’t have two different names, but since I can’t it seems sensible to stick to my real name!

Edited to add: I’ve also changed my twitter account. It’s now @LibbyCutts and will be a bit more general and cover both blogs.


6 responses to “A Quick Note…

  1. Libby this is wonderful news. I too write poetry that was just published and am now going to do a monthly feature on my blog starting Monday. Can’t wait to read your poetry.

  2. That’s great I’ll pop over and have a look!

  3. I look forward to reading your new blog!

  4. Well done! I have two blogs, one is on WordPress and I put photos on my other blog which is on Blogger. Looking forward to reading it.

  5. Libby, it will be nice to read your poetry. Your Gravatar is changing? Was that required by WP or your choice?

    • Well I needed to change my name as I didn’t want to be The Sproutling on the poetry blog, and felt a pic of me would seem more appropraite than a flower in that case. So the change is required because it all seems to workthrough gravatar of which you can only have one… Maybe you can have more and I’m showing my tech ignorance! Even if I can after lots of fiddling I’m not sure I want yet more logins and passwords anyway. It keeps things simple – I jus wish I’d started it out that way…

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