The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – November 2011

The Good

Getting all those borders planted has definitely been the highlight of the month! Apart from the ailing yews (which will be sorted out shortly with any luck) the whole bottom part of the garden is looking much better now. It used to sort of dissolve against the walls.

Garden with fountain

Once I’ve sorted out the yews I need to find a way to anchor the fountain in the gardenscape. I think it looks a bit ‘plonked down’ as it is.

The Bad

Oh dear. It’s still very dry and the ground is still pretty concrete-like. Consequently I still have bulbs to plant. 150kg of the damn things.

Daffodil bulbs

I’m just going to have to put them in the solid ground somehow. This is going to be seriously back breaking work so expect this to be my whinge come December too!

The Beautiful

I planted some Eremerus this week that turned up on the doorstep at work. My employers bought them at Chelsea and subsequently we’d all forgotten about them so that was a nice surprise. This is my first experience of these wierd things. The nobble of the crown has a few thick roots coming out like a giant spider and you have to plant it with the top poking out. Why is this filed under ‘the beautiful’? I really liked the look of the crowns:

Eremerus crown

Like a delicately tattooed pink egg forcing its way out of the soil.

The Myrtle berries are looking lovely:

Myrtle berries

And Viburnum tomentosum ‘Mariesii’ is clinging on to its last few leaves:

Viburnum tomentosum




10 responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – November 2011

  1. Hello Libby; I trust you have left room for the Florindae in soggy bottom? I think that fountain needs a spiral. Either that, or a starburst. If you turn the fountain on, but push something into the top, (like a trumpet mute) it will spray sideways, soak the ground, and then you can plant the bulbs there to make the pattern round it (I’m nothing if not creative)

    • Ha ha yes! I would love the florindae – was going to email you shortly to see if I hadn’t left it too late! Will do that this evening. Thanks!

  2. I have no bulbs to plant this year and it is a blessed relief. Good luck with the yews – are you going to replace the sickly ones?

    • We’re probably going to replace the lot, using slightly smaller ones as smaller trees always have a better chance. Any that look like they might survive we’ll put in elsewhere – we have woods and things that could accomodate some scraggy yews. 😦

  3. Sorry about your bulbs… a good wetting is in order, but seems a pity that the sky would not do it itself.

    On the Eremurus: do not be too disappointed if their show the first year is not much to look at. I was caught totally off guard. Here is my pitiful show: The other gardeners said that they take a few years to bulk up… I hope this proves true.

    Great post! I love your idea of the good, bad and beautiful.

  4. I think the Eremerus looks beautiful I love the way crowns look poking through the soil. Don’t envy you planting all those bulbs into hard ground especially if single handed.

    • I have Radio 4 to listen to and MsV should be helping in the middle of the week. I started yesterday and it wasn’t quite as bad as I feared, thankfully!

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of bulbs! The fountain does look a little alone out there, but I like it in a minimalist kind of way. Interested to see how you approach the landscaping around it.

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