Phew! Bulbs all planted.

Remember in my November round up I mentioned vast quantites of daffodil bulbs were due to go in rock hard ground? It’s done! Finito! Hurrah! And I can still stand upright, much to my surprise.

They went in this currently quite boring field:

Tea House field

There were six different varieties which have been put in six different groups. This field is one of the odd spaces on the estate in that it’s not really my territory, in that Mr Farm Man mows it, seeds it (just before the drought, hence the thistles) and generally has the care of it but bulbs are clearly gardening, not farming, so I got to plant them. I did try to make the case it was his job to plant the bulbs but failed. To be fair he was right.

So I started on Friday and (barring the weekend of course) did very little else but plant bulbs until mid-morning today. MsV joined me for Tuesday and Wednesday and all in all it wasn’t nearly as boring or as back breaking as I’d feared, partly because the recent rain has had some impact and the ground, though still heavy clay, wasn’t brick dry heavy clay any more.

Now I just get to look forward to them popping up!



8 responses to “Phew! Bulbs all planted.

  1. Congrats! It is usually not as hard as we fear 🙂

  2. Ooohhh I don’t envy you all those bulbs to plant. Bulb planting is one of my least favourite gardening tasks. I generally end up with a sore wrist and bad back and I only plant a small number. However, you will have the satisfaction of seeing a beautiful display in a couple of months.

  3. It will be worth all the effort and by the time they flower you will have forgotten all the effort it takes…

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