The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – December 2011

The Good

December’s always an odd month at work as putting up the lights for the Christmas event, taking them down again afterwards and other festive preparations (not to mention the staff dinner and holiday time) tend to eat up quite a lot of the month. All that stuff is enjoyable but not really gardening! I guess the most productive thing this month has been putting in all those bulbs.

The Bad

I… er…. forgot to water the Christmas trees that had been brought in. This is usually my job and one I’m quite vigilant over. But for some reason this year it completely slipped my mind until I was sitting opposite the boss over the Christmas meal and went ‘Oh No!’. He said he’d do it for me the next day which was very forgiving of him. I’m on holiday ’till the 3rd Jan at which point I’ll find out exactly how bad it was. Eeep!

The Beautiful

Winter jasmine

Winter jasmine in my parents’ garden on Christmas Day, taken with my shiny new Canon 1100D.



4 responses to “The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful – December 2011

  1. Hope you have a happy, peaceful and contented 2012.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely winter jasmine, and a great shot. Happy New Year (and I’m sure the Christmas trees will be fine…)

  3. A new camera – what fun! Hope you enjoy it lots this year.

  4. Ooooh I got a new canon for christmas too! I can’t wait to take lots of gorgeous pictures of my garden in the spring/summer. My garden comes alive around may time 🙂

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