Hurrah! Snow!

We got our snow on Saturday night. My sister and I seem to be the only adults who still squeal like children and get excited by the white stuff but luckily I was at my parents with her as it started to fall so we got to regress to childhood together as we prayed for enough of it to fall to be ‘proper’ snow. When I awoke on Sunday it was clear that this was, in fact, proper snow. So I grabbed my camera and went off for a wander in my wellies (alone – MrK was busy with schoolwork – sadface). These are my first snow pictures with my camera and aren’t very good – the originals needed some fiddling to make them even this good – but I thought I’d post them anyway.

Distant child in snowA distant child with sledge.

Fairy landscape of snowy treesFairytale trees.

Path through snowy gorseA path through the gorse bushes.

Gorse and barbed wireBarbed wire and gorse barbs.

Snowy landscapeSnowy landscape.


7 responses to “Hurrah! Snow!

  1. We had some snow on Saturday but not a significant amount. Still it looked very pretty but it turned to rain and was all gone by Sunday. I love snow too but I’m tired of winter now I’m eager to get started back at the allotment so no more snow please.

    • This is the first snow we’ve had this winter so I rather feel like we haven’t had much of a winter till now – we seemed to be going straight from autumn to spring and then this snow showed up!

  2. You really hit the nail on the head. I see these trees a lot here and never made the connection to fairy trees. So true. They do look magical. Nice capture with the kid and sled.

  3. Lovely pictures…fresh fallen snow!!

  4. Lovely pics! Snow makes everything look so pretty and enchanting.

  5. Oh how I wish we would get snow! I squeal to with glee when it snows. Our forecast is for a few flurries later today, but I don’t think it will be a true snowfall. So, for now, I will sit here and enjoy your photos of snowy landscapes and dream…

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