After the Sloe Gin comes the Slider

Even Rincewind the cat looks worried…

Cider and sloe gin drink

This, my friends, is slider. It’s what you get if, once you’ve taken your sloe gin off the sloes, you cover them with scrumpy and leave it a couple of weeks. It has to be scrumpy really, a fizzy cider would go flat. I used the Weston’s scrumpy you can buy in mini-demijon style 2 litre bottles.

As you might imagine it’s absolutely delicious, slightly dry and fruity. If it were possible for it to last until the summer it would be refreshing with some ice and lemon or maybe some Pimms. But it won’t last that long. Hmm now I think about it it might be good warmed with spices…I probably shouldn’t be drinking it this afternoon as tomorrow’s a work day. Oh well.

Here’s my Sloe Gin recipe which I forgot to share when I made it last autumn:

Take 1lb sloes and either prick them or freeze them, put them in a sealable jar, add 12oz sugar and a bottle of gin. Shake well and shake every couple of days until all the sugar’s dissolved and then every so often for a couple of months. If you make it around Hallowe’en it’ll be done for Christmas. I like to drink it the year it’s made as I prefer the flavours fresh and fruity, others prefer it aged for a year or even more.  Unlucky for them it never lasts that long.


4 responses to “After the Sloe Gin comes the Slider

  1. I have no sloes so can’t make either of your recipes, but I just want to say that I think Rincewind is a brilliant name for a cat.

  2. I always liked Sloe Gin. What a clever recipe.

    • I can’t take the credit. A friend suggested it at New Year and fortunately I was a bit late extracting the sloes from the gin this year so I still had them.

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