Argh, awww, ooh.

Yes, it been one of those weeks.

ARGH! They’re digging up my garden:

Garden being dug up

This is because we’re having a shiny new heating system put in which will run on wood chip and keep the whole of Colchester warm*. This is good. Except for tracked diggers on my lawns. And the fact I get roped into barrowing hardcore for the trenches.

(*Ok, not the whole of Colchester but a lot more of the towers than the current system manages. I might even get some in the greenhouse!)

AWWWW look the first of our lambs have been born:

New born lambs

So cute! Just before tea break on Wednesday I noticed mum-sheep was pulling some very funny faces and walking strangely and then lying down and getting up and being clever as I am, I thought lambs might be imminent. They were even more imminent than I anticipated because they’d both been born by the end of our half-hour tea break.

And Oooh the Anenome blanda atrocaerulea look really pretty at the end of an overcast day when they’ve got their petals folded demurely:

anenome blanda atrocaerulea


7 responses to “Argh, awww, ooh.

  1. Very cute lambs. The flowers on the anemone are beautiful. I’ve just bought a few for the garden and it’s such a pretty colour blue to contrast with all the yellow that is around at the moment.

  2. Cute little lambs…it is always a pain when lawns and gardens get dug up like this…hope it goes quickly and is put back right.

  3. My heating system runs on wood chips too but they just joined the new heating to the old pipes and it works. I wonder why they dug so deep and large (and I worried about that big old tree)… Hopefully they didn’t dug up any of your borders, did they? Lawn could be replaced easily.
    Those lambs are so funny!

    • Yeah I’m a little worried about the tree too, although no major roots have been cut. Quite a lot of small ones though 😦 There wasn’t much option for where the trench went unfortunately.No borders have been harmed but there might have to be small areas of returfing.

  4. I love the little lambs. Your yard will get repaired, right? Does the company not do this?

    • Well, the the digging up is being done by various staff and people hired by the boss. The pipes are being laid by a specialist company. Of course making good will happen but I think when it comes to the lawns it’ll be me doing the making good!

  5. Hi Libby
    I used to grow little lambs like that. They are adorable, and in such a short time they are able to make those gravity-defying upward jumps. Sorry about the lawn disruption. Must feel like the mole from hell has arrived. But winter heat, aw indeed.

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