Plant of the Month – March 2012

Please give a big hand for my favourite March plant…

Anemone blanda ‘Atrocaerulea’

Anemone blanda atrocaerulea

Its beautiful blue flowers associate so well with other Spring bulbs, especially dwarf narcissus such as ‘Tete a Tete’ (sorry I don’t have a picture of it – you’ll have to take my word for it!). I like the fact that the undersides of the leaves are a beautiful burgundy red. Even the seedlings have this, and so, despite looking very similar to other seedlings that pop up all over the place, they can easily be distinguished and left to grow.

Anemone blanda atrocaerulea

You can buy them in Autumn as little tubers that look like a chunk of dirt. I followed advice to soak them before planting, and mine all emerged happily the next Spring. The leaves come out with the flower and then fall into dormancy after the seeds have sown themselves and so this little plant is very useful in the gaps between perennials which can seem a bit yawning in the Spring, but you know will be chock full by Summer. Ours run along the front of the borders where the Nepeta et al will be sprawling, come June.

And for something a little different… whilst googling (sigh, yes, I still have to check the spelling of ‘anemone’, not to mention ‘atrocaerulea’) I came across this amazing YouTube video of them opening and closing an a time lapse video:


2 responses to “Plant of the Month – March 2012

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  2. Deservedly taking their bows in the vid. Appreciate the nod to these as they naturalise nicely in woodland plantings and are easy on the eye and pocket.

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