Back to Normal – Phew!

This time last week all the trenches had been filled in and the top lawns looked like this after I’d neaten and dug over damaged areas:

Preparation for turf laying

Then we spread lots of fresh topsoil over it and I turfed it on Thursday:

Re-turfed area

There is still a minor amount of damage but nothing that some seed and a bit of time won’t fix. It’s nice to be back to normal! There are still trenches and diggers around, but they’re not digging up public areas and are mostly out of my garden now. They still have to do a trench along the front of my greenhouse which will be very disruptive, but I’m being bribed to put up with it with the promise of heating in the greenhouse.  Me? Easily bought? Never…


2 responses to “Back to Normal – Phew!

  1. That looks immaculate – but what a lot of work. Phew!

    (I’d be bribed with the offer of heating in my greenhouse…)

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