Oh what a mess!

It being Easter last weekend I finally spent some time in my own garden. It took a while for the garden gnomes to recognise me and put away their spears and poky sticks.

This is the view of my little veggie patch:

Veg garden spring 2012

The veg patch itself, and surrounding herb beds are doing ok. Parsnips and leeks are just germinating and the garlic is making a bid for freedom. Borage (oh I may live to regret this) is growing happily in the herb bed where I sprinkled seed last Autumn and this weekend I got broad beans (Dreadnought) and pea (Lincoln) in the ground, along with some chamomile seeds. The orange bags in the front of the picture are potato growing bags and I’ve put 5 ‘Aran Victory’ in each one. Unfortunately I forgot to mix in the water retaining gel I bought especially for the purpose! ‘Aran Victory’ are a main-crop potato I haven’t tried before. I always go with main-crop varieties because MrK and I both prefer potatoes roasted or baked to boiled salad potatoes.

Aside from the veg patch, however, the back garden is a mess. Right next to the veggies is a spot I’ll be making into a flower bed, which is currently the dumping ground of choice:

messy garden spring 2012

This area doesn’t get a huge amount of sun but it would be nice to have some perennial flowers suitable for cutting and I’m not sure these two things are compatible. More thought required! Any ideas, O wise and knowledgeable readers?

Beyond the arch is yet more mess:

Back garden spring 2012

At least the front garden is well-behaved. I don’t think I ever posted about it but the front garden mostly consists of gravelled parking space with a border along the front of the house. It’s designed to be fairly low maintenance and simply pretty in shades of purple and pink.

Front garden 01

Front garden 02

A miniature lilac, Syringa ‘Josee’, Ceonothus ‘Blue Sapphire’ with small dark leaves, Hebe ‘Red Edge’ and a Philadelphus ‘Manteau d’Hermine’ form the shrubby backbone of the border with extra colour from the Convolvulus cneorum, Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’, masses of bright pink Geranium oxonianum ‘A.T.Johnson’ and some unnamed pink tulips.I’ll try to remember to take some pics when the geranium is in flower as it always gives me a smile when I get home.


5 responses to “Oh what a mess!

  1. We were ‘talking’ the other day, Libby, about brave posting. Being a cowardly cur I haven’t posted about my own garden – and have no plans to. I find it so difficult to garden for a living and then tackle my own garden as well. Planning to move house doesn’t help either. Your veg garden looks well smart. Dave

    • Ha it was partly that discussion that prompted this post. I’ve always intended to post about my home garden too, I think the contrast is interesting. It can also be a bit embarrassing at times though! My Dad always says it’s like ‘cobbler’s boots’

  2. At least you’ve got your veggies going…to me that’s the most important thing. The rest can be done when evenings are longer and weather improves.

    • I’m sorry my response is late but your comment got eaten by the spam filter for some reason!

      Yes the evenings are just starting to get useful again thankfully. Often I’m too lazy to make use of it though… 😛

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