Leafy Lurve

Last autumn I planted up Soggy Bottom and things are really starting to get moving down there. Some of the new leaves are looking particularly pretty:

Carex testacea

Carex testacea with the afternoon sun behind it. Look at it glow!

Iris 'Gerard Derby'

Iris ‘Gerard Derby’ has beautiful flowers later but I think its blue-flushed new shoots are gorgeous too.

Rheum 'Ace of Hearts'

Rheum ‘Ace of Hearts’ has awesome new leaves to match its pretty cool name. Move over Motörhead we don’t need your Ace of Spades anymore…



2 responses to “Leafy Lurve

  1. Hi Libby, I grow that rheum, and agree it’s wonderful. BUT it does start to die back surprisingly early – almost as soon as it has flowered. Because of the spread of its leaves, it’s difficult to get a suitable replacement (maybe inula, maybe ligularia?) close enough to fill the hole.

  2. Hmm that’s interesting, thanks! I’ll bear it in mind so I can be prepared for the gap.

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