Splish Splash!

It’s a bit damp here and I’m officially not allowed to complain because of the drought and the fact I’d previously been complaining about all the horrible sun we were having.

Rain on cobbles

Even if it is rather inconvenient, it’s great to be getting some rain!

When it’s wet I inevitably get asked ‘So what do you do when the weather’s like this?’ to which my usual reply is ‘Get wet!’ Because the weather was thoroughly unsuitable for mowing  last week I could catch up on a bunch of weeding at the Towers which was really useful. I will admit to carefully saving up my ‘indoors jobs’ (pricking out and seed sowing mostly) for when the weather’s wet but as I had a grand total of three hours worth to do last week it wasn’t sufficient to keep me dry. Also I kept putting it off thinking ‘ah it’s not raining THAT hard it’s bound to be worse later, I’ll do it then.’

There’s not much interesting to say about weeding or about finding out how un-waterproof my waterproofs are. But I did get some gardening done on the home front on Sunday in the gorgeous sunny patches between rain. I planted lettuce, mustard and chard plants (all left overs from work) in the bed using my home grown compost from our Dalek style composters:

Newly planted lettuce plants

And I took some gratuitous veg porn shots of Purple Sprouting Brocolli:

Purple Sprouting Brocolli

And Sweet Cecily:

Sweet Cecily

To summarise – Hurrah for rain!


9 responses to “Splish Splash!

  1. Loving the gratuitous veg porn! My garden is also getting a soaking! 🙂

  2. For some reason I did’nt plant Purple Sprouting last year. I’m really missing it. Won’t happen this year! I made a crumble with Rhubarb, Strawberries and Sweet Cicely…it was delish!

    • My first attempt to use Sweet Cecily was an apple crumble and it was yummy! I haven’t used it yet this year but your rhubarb sounds tempting.

  3. When you garden for a living you just have to get out there. come hell or high water. I just make excuses….

    • You do indeed, though there comes a time when there’s very little that can be done. When it’s too wet everything I try to do just makes a horrendous mess!

  4. I moan when it’s dry, moan when it’s wet, moan when it’s hot and moan when it’s cold; moan when it’s another cheese sandwich and moan when it isn’t. Absolutely hammering down today (hooray/boo) and as I’m more a fair-weather gardener than you I’m not going to work (hooray/boo). I’ll do may tax return instead (boo. Definitely boo). D

    • There’s nothing like a good moan for raising the morale I find. Today, being the worst day so far, I scurried into the greenhouse and did some pricking out and potting on and managed to stay there till lunchtime.

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