The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – April 2012

The Good

Tree through rainy window


It’s been raining a lot this month and that’s awesome because of the drought. The garden is looking washed clean and fresh, everythings growing and looking happy and I’m not worrying about the lawns going brown. We’d have to have a wet May, June, July… all the way to Winter to make up for the low rainfall we’ve had over the last two years, but this is certainly helping with the more immediate effects of the drought.

The Bad

Tree through rainy window


What is this? Deja vu? Some bugger rewriting the Matrix? Nope, it’s just that the rain’s been both the best and the worst thing about this month. In the short dryish spells I’ve been chasing around like a blue arsed fly trying to get the mowing done, and even when I managed to get it done, doing so with damp grass meant it wasn’t as neat as usual. Today I had to do the lower half of the larger main lawns with the tiny walk-behind because even my footsteps were leaving muddy marks and I thought the ride-on would make a horrendous mess. But! I’m not complaining because it’s rain! Which is great! (Bah!)

The Beautiful

Today the sun was out  (very little rain today) and I hung around like a bad smell after work to sneak a few pics so here’s the Wisteria looking lovely:

Wisteria at Layer Marney Tower


5 responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – April 2012

  1. I loooove Wisteria……. now just need mansion to grow it around! 😉

    • I understand you can grow it as a standard – think there was an article in The Garden some time ago – so no mansion required (though it would be nice!)

  2. Wisteria looks great!

  3. Noticed that the big wisteria at the Priory has had all its flower buds frosted. Damn. Did manage to get some mowing done yesterday – with some very attractive brown stripes across the wetter part of the lawn. Nice.

  4. Rain can be a good and a bad, but we were in dire need of some and it finally came. Your wisteria is so very handsome!

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