Parrot tulips? Yea or Nay?

I used to be very much a ‘nay’. I thought they looked grotesque, diseased and over-the-top. The floral equivalent of excessively curly gilded carvings.

Tulipa 'Rococco'

But these rather lovely ‘Rococco’ tulips are making me change my mind. See, what happens is that my employers go to Chelsea and get seduced by the tulip stands and every year there is a surprise package of tulips and other bulbs for me to play with. And so I get to plant tulips I’d never have chosen myself.

Tulipa 'Black Parrot'

Like this ‘Black Parrot’. And I’m being won over by their slightly gothic extravagance. Furthermore I think I may have been being a snob. Mind you, I still think they are an acquired taste and would really be out of place in a lot of gardens.

Tulipa 'Rococco' in teracotta pot

What do you think?


14 responses to “Parrot tulips? Yea or Nay?

  1. Obviously onl a personal view, but I rather agree with the diseased grotesque and over the top viewpoint, but love almost all other forms.

  2. ooohhh, yea for sure! I love tulips, any kind of tulip. But don’t you have to plant them in the fall though? That’s just what I was told because I was looking for some bulbs the other day for my garden and they said they should be planted in fall.

  3. gone from a not keen to really love them. Especially as planted in pots to display their frilly arty charms

  4. wifemothergardener

    I think that one of the easiest parrot tulips to love is the white variety… We had it here this month and I enjoyed every stage of its bloom. Not as wild as Rococco for sure! I love that one though too… drama for spring!

    • Sorry your comment wasn’t auto-approved and it took me this long to notice! I have my settings so that I have to approve someone’s first comment, but this is far from your first comment. I will have to have a rummage in my settings…

      I bet the white ones are really elegant – I’ve never seen one ‘in the flesh’.

  5. I don’t have any, but I’m fond of them in a fauvist painting kind of way.

  6. I used to be a nay too, but now I like some, it depends on the colour and how strange their shape is. They usually repeat flower of a couple of years so that can’t be bad. Christina

  7. Sorry, too fussy for me. Give me plain tulips preferably “Queen of the Night” or “Ballerina” any day.

  8. Sorry, years late, however I just found you and I need some respite from the snow out my window. I used to really hate the parrot tulips, but last year I used them in my cutting garden, and I LOVE them. There is nothing more fascinating in a vase on my desk at work. All the different colours, oh, they just lift your spirits.

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