Woe is me…

… it’s still wet. And I have to admit, it’s getting to me a bit. I have pretty much run out of things that can usefully be achieved in the wet (even outdoor things – I ran out of indoor things ages ago) and today I was reduced to helping out in the farm and sorting wood for the glamping tents we have on site. Poor MsV has been lumbered with this stuff for weeks as there’s only been enough damp gardening stuff for one and today I joined her.

Pond in the rain

Oh well, the Met Office is predicting a nice weekend. *crosses fingers*


13 responses to “Woe is me…

  1. Never mind, good for the florindae.

  2. Indeed it is and they’re growing happily. 🙂 Thankyou!

  3. It is tough isn’t it? I’ve been taking days off work .. but then I don’t get paid, so I can’t do that too much. I shall go to the Priory today, sit in the greenhouse and sulk.

  4. I just repotted loads, got soaked…. :-S

  5. You’ll be cursing the hot sunny weather soon as so many others were in April; a gardener’s life is full of such things. Christina

  6. You could all dash up here and help me re-pot and then there’s always a cup of Earl Gray in the Greenhouse or the potting shed….

  7. We have had intermittent rain, but I know what it feels like when there is constant rain. I hope it subsides soon…

  8. Looks like we’ll get a few days of dry weather and it’s gloriously sunny right now. 😀

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