Back from holiday and not drowned!

Oh it was a bit soggy. I know you’re all going ‘well, duh, you went to Wales’ but this was pretty damn soggy even by Welsh standards. We were staying in a little valley of the ‘one road in, one road out’ sort and were somewhat concerned we might not be able to get out when it came to leaving. I always find really heavy, enthusiastic rain somewhat invigorating (as long as I can get out of it and into dry clothes within a reasonable length of time of course) and seeing rushing rivers appear where before there had been demure trickles was quite exciting.

Anyway, some pics, including the promised humorous sheep photo:


Cotton grassCotton grass blowing in the wind like little bloomers on the line.


White water riverA river in impressive flow. My sister did tell me the name of the river but I’m rubbish and forgot.


FernFerns in a beautiful wood we walked through. I think they’re Hard Fern… can anyone confirm?


Black and white spooky treeMy friend Mara is a very accomplished photographer and some pics she showed me recently inspired me to try something a little arty with this wierd looking tree. You know I was concentrating so hard on taking pics I forgot to look at what kind of tree it was. Doh!


Quizzical sheepI like to think it’s pondering the nature of hill walkers and failing to come to a conclusion.

Anyway, proper gardening related posting will resume shortly I promise!


2 responses to “Back from holiday and not drowned!

  1. Glad you had a happy wet Welsh time 🙂

  2. patientgardener

    Your images remind me of amny a windy and damp holiday in Wales – but I keep going back

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