New features!

So I’ve been thinking about my blog and have had a couple of ideas for new types of posts. At the moment the regular features consist of The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful, which is my monthly round-up, and Plant of the Month which I usually post around the middle of the month. Joining them soon will be:

– A Good Book: I recently got out all my favourite gardening books and realised there’s just about enough to do a one-a-month post for a year, each taking one of my favourite gardening books and exploring why I think it’s great.

– Science Snippets: I like the sciencey side of gardening but I’m no science genius. These posts would explore the science from a lay-gardeners perspective; I want to think about how these things actually affect us as gardeners.

The last thing I want is for the blog to get too tied to a timetable because frankly, life is too short to do homework when you’re not at school anymore. So I think it’s unlikely I will be very strict about keeping to a schedule and these posts will pop up as and when I write them, but I’m aiming for about once a month or thereabouts. Look out for them starting to show up soon!


3 responses to “New features!

  1. Looking forward to them!

  2. Looking foward to the science snippet in particular. Will you be joining in with other book reviewers at Holleys meme (this is link if you permit)

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