The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – June 2012

The Good

Everything. Ok well, alot of things anyway. June is the height of the garden’s beauty in my opinion (which means I need to work on making the other months better) and having had such a damp Spring an awful lot of it is looking really rather nice, even if I do say so myself.

Layer Marney Tower flower border in June

The Tower Border in full swing.

Flower border in June

The planting in the new border is really going for it now.

Geraniums and roses in June

The romantic East Court Borders with white roses and pale pink geraniums.

The Bad

This month has been hectic. The week before the jubilee MsV was on holiday and I had a four day week, so we began the month a bit behind. Then we had the three day week of the Jubilee and then I was on holiday and on top of it all the weather’s been somewhat unco-operative at various points throughout the month. So all in all I’m feeling like I’m playing catch-up and the private areas of the garden really need some attention. We’ve begun to settle down now though and are ploughing through the jobs list.

The Beautiful

Centaurea cyanus 'Snowman'

Centaurea cyanus ‘Snowman’

These lovely white cornflowers are ones I grew from seed and then stuck in a gap in one of the borders. I hope they self seed!


2 responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful – June 2012

  1. patientgardener

    I seem to be playing catch up too and I dont have to worry about visitors. I am feeling quite overwhelmed and dont know where to start so I just seem to flit from one bit to another! I have finally managed to get the last of the annuals planted

  2. It can be quite difficult when everywhere you walk you see something else that needs doing. I try not to worry because I know the visitors see the ‘big picture’ where I focus in on the details. I learnt early on that saying ‘what do you mean immaculate? there’s a blimmin great thistle in that bed there’ just isn’t a good idea!

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